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Evaluate and Track the Most Promising Projects With Token Terminal

Tap into the ecosystem of a platform that holds the potential to allow the users to aggregate the financial data on the leading blockchains and decentralized applications. The team behind the platform shares a brief that says that the concepts of both the blockchains and decentralized applications are similar to the traditional marketplace companies.

As revealed on the official website of the platform these applications are internet-native businesses whose services are responsible for generating revenue that is split between the supply-side participants of the users and owners.

In addition to this, it should be noted that these businesses are owned and operated by their tokenholders, similar to how companies are owned and operated by their shareholders. That is the prime reason why there arises a need to measure and evaluate blockchains and dApps via financial key performance indicators.

Moreover, it should be noted that misunderstandings can be applicable to crypto being all about currencies. An increasing amount of blockchains and decentralized applications can be valued by measuring their usage and cashflows.

Knowing Further About the Token Terminal Platform

Discussing the details regarding the metrics, below is a walkthrough of all the different metrics that are currently available in the terminal. Since blockchains and decentralized applications resemble a traditional marketplace company, it totally makes sense for all of us to follow the established methodology for analyzing marketplaces.

Talking about the details related to the platform, Token Terminal provides traditional financial and business metrics on crypto assets. As we all are aware of the fact that both the blockchains and decentralized applications extract fees from their users, these fees are calculated as revenues and can be paid as transaction fees, trading charges, or interest payments.

It should be noted that the platform extracts data from third-party providers or directly from the blockchain and they want projects listed on Token Terminal to be developed actively by a team or community with a long-term mindset.

Cryptured Team
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