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Even after the pullback, the $100 bag held by this crypto trading algorithm is currently worth $20,673.

One year ago, BTC was trading at approximately $40,200. A year later, it is now worth $41,800 – representing a 4% rise over the year.

The VORTECS score is calculated using AI and takes into account the assets’ past performance and past bullish/bearish sentiments. For example, consider the situation of a digital asset finding a rise in positive tweets and also an increase in trading volume at a flat price. It will witness a large price rise over the next few days. If an asset’s real-time data displays such bullish trends, it will receive a big VORTECS score. Typically, the highest score for bullishness is 80. If the underlying model is sure of a bullish outlook, the score will be higher.

The Trading Algorithm

The VORTECS model was tested for various hypothetical trading strategies. The strategies being – buy at 80, sell in 48/24/12 hours. The strategy buy at 80, sell in 24 hours generated the highest return of 20,573% over one year.

The VORTECS score with the average price change gives more modest returns. However, even these modest returns are quite impressive. Trends indicate that assets that get a high VORTECS score of over 80 typically appreciate over the next 7 days. The higher the VORTECS score higher the gains. Also, the greater the time after the threshold score, on average, the greater the RoI. A practical strategy, therefore, might be to buy at a higher VORTECS score and to hold the asset for a longer time.

Practical Implications

Another study examined if some assets tended to exhibit a steep price rise after a bullish run. This proved to be true for AXS, MATIC, AAVE and LUNA. In general, the assets that frequently attained high VORTECS scores provided better returns.

The VORTECS score that looks into historical data of the assets and predicts a bullish trend can be a handy tool for an investor.

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