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Everything You Need to Know About the CED2021 Participant and Precious Metal Custodian Regal Assets


Founded back in the year 2016, Regal Assets or Regal RA DMCC operates with a vision in mind of simplifying, innovating and recreating the precious metals investment scenario. Just a year later following the foundation of the company, Regal Assets managed to acquire a license in trading crypto-commodities.

The crypto custodian lays a dedicated emphasis on the security and customer focus, and accordingly, it has built and launched its crypto investment service. As revealed on the official website of Regal Assets, all the processes and operations are carried out by experts and veterans in the crypto space.

Discussing the ways in which the company seeks to note the growth in their business, they are inclined towards educating people so that they can raise crypto-related awareness. This, regardless of any situation, has to be done in order to enhance the adoption of crypto.

Regal Assets’ Presence in the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021

Well, in accordance with the revelations from the CED2021 event, Regal Assets has already declared itself as the safest crypto investment. The more important thing to notice here is that the company has intentions to get involved in the commodities sector and become the leader in the sector.

Talking about what makes Regal Assets the top contender to be involved with, it is the value and transparency, customer focus and relationship building techniques with clients, and certainly, the security provided by the platform.

The company pays undivided attention to the security factor and is confident regarding the same because of its integration with the top 5 most secure physical vaults in the world. Another notable advantage of relying on Regal Assets is that the commission charges and transaction fees are transparent here.

Most importantly, all the crypto assets that are held in Regal RA vaults are completely insured for full market value against hacks, thefts, and any other disaster.

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