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Everything you need to know about the release of Blockchain Babies’ latest game

Blockchain Babies’ CEO and founder recently informed the public about the Block Island project through an official statement. The ambitious project, which is an NFT game that’s already been released online, is full of adventure, thrills, and mystery. According to the statement released by the company, the game will feature 1111 unique babies. Each baby has a unique trait, and every baby can access Block Island, a mysterious place.

The founder of Blockchain Babies said that the game serves as an introduction to a rental system, which allows participants to earn regular passive income. The Blockchain Babies founder also said that the community is equality-driven and to participate in decisions that concern Block Island, each member can vote once only.

The 1111 babies are divided into the rarity classes of Common, Rare, and Exclusive. On the common edition, players can rent out their babies at 0.33 ETH (floor price) to 5 non-owners (up to 700 characters). On the rare edition, players can rent out their babies at 0.66 ETH to 12 non-owners or more (up to 300 characters). On the exclusive edition, players can rent out their babies at 0.99 ETH to 30 non-owners (111 characters).

This game is the latest to propel the online gaming industry to greater heights. In 2020, the industry’s turnover was a whopping $20 billion and experts believe that in 2022, the turnover is set to rise to $24 billion.

Block Island offers players a variety of tournaments along with the main game as well. All in all, it’s fair to say that Block Island will provide a whole lot of entertainment and income to players in the NFT gaming space.

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