Sunday, December 3, 2023

Executive leaves Goldman Sachs for Coinbase, now is the time to embrace crypto.

The decentralization of finance is not just draining money from FD’s and shares into crypto. Even the people seem to be leaving companies that operate such financial assets. The newest addition to the league of finance workers who are leaving conventional asset-based companies to enter bitcoin sharks is a guy from Goldman Sachs.

Roger Bartlett, a white-collar executive at GS has been a part of the investment bank for a whopping period of 16 years. Given the long stint, it does not seem natural that he should be making such a bold jump mid-career. However, Bartlett clarifies that what is happening right now in the crypto world is far too important to be missed. He calls it a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity.

Roger was the Global head of marketing operations at GS before which he had an illustrious career as the vice president of Credit Suisse. Needless to say, he has been creating an impact in the top rungs of finance for 20-25 years.

He will be joining the Crypto exchange firm Coinbase as their Finance head – Global.

What attracted Bartlett to Coinbase

Roger opines that he loves the customer and automation first approach which is a strong part of Coinbase’s approach to bitcoin investments. Given the rate at which this NASDAQ-listed company has grown over a very short time, it can be understood that it looks pretty attractive to most top talents in finance. True enough to our guess, Coinbase has hired triple times of its previous rate in the last quarter. It will be interesting to see what Bartlett brings to the table.

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