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Explore the Dapp Store of the World With DappRadar

DappRadar is a project that is intended to make the exploration, tracking, and managing of decentralized applications, insightful, convenient, and rewarding for all. Beginning their journey back in the year 2018, bringing high-quality, accurate insights on decentralized applications to a global audience and rapidly became the go-to, a trusted industry source.

As revealed in the official description of the project, DappRadar is the beginning point for the discovery of decentralized applications and is currently hosting 9778 decentralized applications from more than 20 protocols.

The project offers comprehensive NFT valuation and portfolio management and thrives through the way in the actionable industry reporting led by data. DappRadar is considered the top global NFT and Decentralized Finance dapp store.

The platform is allowing consumers across the globe to discover decentralized applications and manage their NFT/DeFi portfolios with DappRadar. As declared by a report, over 500,000 users pay visits to the platform every month.

DappRadar has got Coverage on the Widest Selection of dApps

In addition to this, it should be noted that the data generated by the DappRadar platform powers leading industry partners. Along with this, we should also emphasize that the company generates quarterly reports that are highly trusted on multichain Decentralized application market insight.

At present, the firm is backed by big names such as Blockchain Ventures, a venture capital fund, and a subsidiary of Blockchain created in order to extend support and make investments in DLT projects.

Other additions to the list are Prosus and NordicNinja, the biggest technology investors n the world and deep-tech focused fund investing in the Nordic and Baltic region respectively.

Radar, the native token of DappRadar is leading in its space to shape a decentralized future. As per the visions of the project, there is much more to discover. The user can view top collections, trending decentralized applications, trader volume, and there are high chances that the user might lead to the revelation of the next blockchain unicorn.

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