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Fans Can Mint Free OKX Football Cup NFTs.


OKX, Crypto exchange, platform’s OKX Football Cup is running alongside the FIFA World Cup. Players can mint free OKX Football Cup NFTs. However, they are required to stake 0.01 ETH to mint an NFT. The players can redeem the staked ETH after the OKX Football Cup ends. It means the NFTs are free as they not cost anything except for the gas fees.

Players will be able to mint up to three football team NFTs between now and 12:00 December 2022, which is also the date for the end of the FIFA 2022 Group Stage. They also have the option of buying the football team NFTs through OKX NFT Marketplace.

To mint free NFTS, players have to go to the event page of the OKX Football Cup, switch to a wallet at the top left, click ‘NFT Marketplace’, and click ‘Free Mint’. They then have to connect their wallet to mint their very own OKX Football NFT. The players can do so by selecting their favorite team from the 32 teams and staking 0.01 ETH to mint the NFT for free.

So what if the player doesn’t have Ether in their Ethereum wallet. Well, they can swap other cryptocurrencies for ETH, or add more funds to buy ETH. The players must make sure they have sufficient funds to cater to meet the network fees for transfers and swaps. They can click on ‘view my NFTs’ to view their digital collectibles once they have minted their OKX Football Cup NFTs.

If the team that a player has minted NFTs for wins, he or she becomes part of the NFT holders who will share the fixed prize pool set aside for each match. A 20,000 UST prize pool has been set aside by OKX for each team in the group stage of the tournament. NFT owners get to share the prize pool of whichever winning team they have backed. And if the match ends in a draw, NFT holders on each side can share a 10,000 UST prize pool.

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