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Fans of digital coins are being mixed into a company that mixes crypto and SPACs flops

Mergers are not always the best options to survive in the highly competitive market. The “blank check” companies and the blockchain or cryptos also follow the same concept when it comes to the mixing of the two. It is not a healthy result for the companies to merge having different trendlines to function.

Similarly, the Money Lion Incorporation witnessed a high of approximately thirty percent after the platform of trading for cryptocurrencies and the bank merged for the further functions.

Mixing of cryptocurrencies along with SPACs faces a flop with the digital coin fans

According to many researches, it is said that individual buyers and the retail buyers want to own the asset when they plan to invest in the asset. When the Money Lion Incorporation merged the option of buying Ethereum and Bitcoin on its own app, the incorporation didn’t see much of a plunge in the shares of the companies. The valuation also didn’t get affected because of this step taken by the companies.

The SPACs have tried to merge with many other large shops but haven’t been able to draw much attention from the investors of the market. Some of the SPACs which were expected to trade at a higher value are just trading at a slightly higher value since their IPO rates.

The reaction on other mergers

Some of the other mergers are still pending to come to the market. For example, the Concord Acquisition Corp is all set to get tied to Circle Internet Financial. These mergers are also expected to see a very mild reaction in the financial market.

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