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FibSWAP DEX Recently Showed Up at the AIBC Summit 2022 Event

One of the most promising and leading multichain crypto exchanges FibSWAP was spotted at AIBC Summit Dubai 2022. Where all the emerging technologies and new generation sectors of AI and Blockchain, showed up to talk about goals and the shape of the future of the blockchain.

As per the information gathered from the official website, FibSwap is a multichain, decentralized exchange that allows investors to swap tokens from one chain to tokens on another chain with just one click away from the button.

The main goal of the company is to surprise the market by disrupting the crypto trading world by enabling account holders to swap tokens across multiple chains using Interoperable Multichain Bridge System.

The Interoperable Multichain Bridge System(IMBS) DEX works on FibSwap smart algorithm, creating a bridge to exchange tokens in one seamless, instant transaction. The company also will be having the lowest fees on the market too with its unique fee swap aggregator.

Problems Faced by investors While Swapping Tokens

According to the latest research, there are certain complications faced by the stakeholders. High transaction fees are one of the major them. The trading cross-chain has always been being expensive, swapping from one chain to another. It’s this cost that has put a lot of crypto traders out from losing millions of dollars.

If we conclude, not only transaction fees but also centralized exchanges have become less trusted as hackers are finding it quite easy to steal tokens from users of the CEX. Adding further

time consumed and technicalities while swapping tokens in centralized exchanges add up more complexity for the traders.

That’s why the company lays emphasis on providing a great value proposition to platform users and to token holders, resulting in the network effect required for mainstream adoption. This platform will not only lower fees across all chains but also will make it easy and fast.

Certainly, not compromising on security will provide a safe place to trade your assets while remaining decentralized.

Cryptured Team
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