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Finalists in the ETHDenver Hackathon take aim at adoption barriers.

Like every other software hackathon, ETH held one recently in Denver, CO which just concluded. At the close of the conference yesterday, the 20th of February, 20 finalists offered ideas for a new project to the rest of the participants. Ideas pitched to the crowd focused on ways to solve common issues faced by users across the crypto’s ecosystem.

Teams competed for top prizes worth ca. $5000 in different categories. Besides the winners, runners up in competitions are also getting attention from investors in the VC and angel investor categories. Submissions included items like the Dust Sweeper which can be used in the DeFi category to collect up minute amounts of tokens which are expensive to consolidate into other crypto. SlowSwap is AMM which prevents MEV from occurring with swaps that are delayed. These are just a few of the common issued faced by users. Other items included and Mimicry Protocol which focused completely on NFT related lending and derivatives. Submissions related to the DAO focused on issues commonly faced by emerging organization.

A couple of games which were visually appealing captured the attention of attendees. These games were meant for Metaverse and Gaming. The games MoonScape and INDAO. The first is sci-fi game which produces yields and the latter, a fantasy game with a lot of role playing.

Other ideas floated during the conference include ZK Maps which uses proofs to enable users to prove their location at a particular time. IdentDeFi had to do do with privacy and KYC architecture. ExchangeIt! – the name says it already – this is a platform which is good for a real-world swap of goods using smart contracts. A list of the winners in different categories at the hackathon will be posted soon.

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