Sunday, July 21, 2024

First of its kind NFT music streaming player hits the market.

A Web3 marketplace for music YellowHeart has launched the first-ever NFT music streaming player. Users can stream their NFT tunes in a single player. YellowHeart released the first-ever NFT album and tickets in 2021 with Kings of Leon. It has also worked with the likes of Maroon 5, Julian Lennon, ZHU, and Jerry Garcia, among others.

Josh Katz, the founder and CEO of YellowHeart, revealed that he started working on the platform before the COVID-19 pandemic. They were building the product on the backend. Katz shared that his primary focus was educating artists and industry leaders about how transformative NFT music could be for the larger space. He said making NFT content easily digestible for fans was one of the major challenges they faced. Katz pointed out that bringing a Web3-friendly streaming player into the space puts this roadblock to bed. He hopes it will continue to drive mass adoption so they are able to marry the best of the old and new music formats with NFTs.

With fans adopting the new streaming service, artists can easily hook them up with all of their other benefits programmed into NFT music that they can’t get on platforms like vinyl records, concert tickets, and merchandise. However, some fans are skeptical about NFT music because they can’t stream consecutive NFT songs and albums. But they can do it seamlessly on services like Spotify and Apple Music.

YellowHeart’s new NFT streaming product is designed and engineered to prompt mass adoption of the NFT music format. The platform gives most of the profits to artists.

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