Saturday, July 20, 2024

Flint is launching Solana with significant annual crypto profits.

Flint is a crypto gateway for investments. These investments generate passive income, a dream that many crypto enthusiasts have been waiting for. Flint’s current gateway is beta testing and once it goes live, investors will be able to get passive returns on stablecoin investments. The expected returns could be as high as 13% every year. There is no specific time frame to lock funds.

Generating passive income from crypto is fairly challenging and Flint is the first to take a step to solve this issue. Investors can get good exposure to the crypto investment market without having to deal with the attendant volatility. Flint works on leveraging stablecoins and DeFi options and investors don’t have to own anything directly. Investors can get into the market with their country’s currency and get DeFi at low rates of interest.

Flint’s returns are generated only via stablecoins pegged to USD/UST. Every stablecoin in this method is pegged to a dollar. This results in low price volatility, and it is good for investors with low-risk tolerance. Flint will follow finance protocols related to decentralized finance with care to ensure good returns for its investors on its platform. Another bonus for investors who use Flint – they don’t have to pay fees to withdraw funds. Getting in and out of positions has also been made seamless. This is an exciting opportunity for those who want to get into the arena and don’t have any assets.

Flint plans to invest close to $500 million across many DeFi protocols over the next 3 years on Solana. This is part of the scheme to set up a basket of coins on Solana and introduce an NFT store on this network. Flint plans to use Solana as a foreign remittance gateway too.

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