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Former US senator to lead Binance’s advisory board.


Max Baucus, a former US senator, will be leading an advisory board created by Binance to help the crypto exchange navigate some of the most pressing regulatory issues facing the space.

Baucus, in an official statement, said of all the technologies with the potential to create positive disruption, the world of crypto, blockchain, and Web3 is among the most exciting and the most promising. He said it’s a great pleasure to participate in setting up the Binance Global Advisory Board. Baucus, who was US ambassador to China, wants to help bring the crypto firm’s unrivaled collective expertise to bear in solving complex problems with a socially positive outcome. The Binance Global Advisory Board also has David Plouffe, a former senior advisor to President Obama, onboard as a US representative.

Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO, said the platform is supercharging its ability to manage regulatory complexity by tapping into the highest level of expertise available anywhere in the world. He highlighted that the collaboration between Binance and the leading experts of the global advisory board is a testament to their focus on compliance, transparency, and ensuring a collaborative connection with the world’s regulators as they develop sensible legislation worldwide.

Binance’s new board comes as governments across the world continue to ponder how to regulate the crypto industry.

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