Thursday, June 20, 2024

Forward Protocol is now a part of the Africarare Metaverse.

Metaverse and Web 3.0 are the new technologies that excite technology companies. Different types of projects are being launched to leverage the possibilities that these technologies offer. You are only limited by your imagination in the metaverse. Digital assets in this digital world can be transferred with the help of blockchain technology and through digital avatars. The oracles or value intermediaries will move you in an immersive environment where you can play, trade, learn and own different types of things. Forward Protocol plans to make these possibilities a reality. It is partnering with Africarare and SingularityU South Africa to build innovative projects on the back of new technologies.

Forward Protocol

This technology platform allows its users an economical way to connect players of metaverse with real-life applications and smart contracts. The community members are empowered through a decentralized platform that is open source and can be used from anywhere by anyone. People can develop and deploy blockchain applications and connect them to the metaverse. It has DeFi, NFT, gamification, Social Token, AI, ML and other technologies to connect the players of this new value economy. Users get a simple WordPress-like solution to build different types of innovative projects. They do not need any coding skills to build and deploy their projects.

The New Partnership

Africarare and SingularityU South Africa will partner with Forward Protocol to build a network of changemakers. These innovators can be anywhere in Africa or beyond and still be able to develop and implement new technology solutions through this platform. The solutions they develop are expected to solve some of the greatest challenges facing the people of Africa and the world. They will build projects in education, finance, governance and other sectors.

With this partnership, the changemakers will be able to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the Forward Protocol platform. They can devise projects and solutions that will benefit millions of people.

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