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Funfair Makes DeFi Gaming Easy at the AIBC Summit 2021

The Tech world is changing rapidly and growing at a fiercely fast pace.

The AIBC summit unites the major organizations and experienced individuals coming from the industries such as Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Internet of things (IoT), Quantum tech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies among other new and advancing sectors of tech to confabulate over the increasing interest around these new technologies and discuss the future of tech. T

The summit encompasses a floor for the expo of renowned exhibitors, a hub for new businesses and founders, and prevailing conferences and workshops. The AIBC summit helps to see the tech world clearly and navigate the future of the world in a better way.

One of the organizations to take part in this year’s summit was Funfair Technologies which comes forth from the new era of the gaming industry based on blockchain.

Established in 2017 this up-and-coming player offers a decentralized gaming platform promising an impartial and user-centric gaming experience for the players and proficient tools for the whole industry.

DeFi And Gaming Comes Together With Funfair

Funfair started with their gaming platform, but gradually diversified and introduced their non-custodial wallet solution which seamlessly integrates into the choice of DApp of the individual or corporation, for any and all browsers and devices, completely free of charge.

After the wallet, the people at Funfair didn’t stop and started their own crypto gaming products. Offering a new era of gambling, providing exciting and innovative games for the player, focusing on the single player’s experience, and allowing the ability for the casino operators to interact with the players, enriching the experience.

With a team of dedicated professionals with decades of experience in the gaming and blockchain industry, the team created Funfair labs, dedicated to research and development of new concepts and ideas to improve the experience for both the developers and the users in the blockchain and gaming industry.

In the end, all the organizations and individuals joining the AIBC summit are trying to bring innovation in the blockchain and crypto world. Funfair is one example of the amount of effort going day in and out to improve the user’s daily experience using the products offered by the industry.

A new era of gaming is emerging and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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