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Future of IoT Technology, Skey Network Wins the Best IoT Solution at the CED2021

Skey Network, the future of IoT Technology and the only connector that amalgamates the Internet of Things devices with Blockchain technology, creating the Blockchain of Things, recently won the Best IoT Solution Award at the CED2021. The CEO of Skey Network, Szymon Fiedorowicz, presented the BIoT technology at one of the most significant events related to crypto.

The network also revealed via their Twitter handle that one of the representatives of another region of the United Arab Emirates was there to lock a deal to implement the Skey Network in the Smart City.

The goal of the network, as revealed on the official website, is to become the communication standard for IoT devices, the same as Bluetooth technology is the standard for wireless connectivity.

As mentioned, the network is a universal and standardized communication system that, on the one hand, solves the restrictions faced by the Internet of Things, and on the other hand, provides the potential for mass adoption for the crypto asset space.

The vision of Skey Network in Relation With Defi Technologie

In addition to this, it should be noted that the platform is committed to integrating Oracle, BoT, and Defi technologies in order to create a distinct Access Key called Smart NFT.

Talking about the working of the IoT technology’s future, it is really simple as the platform has created a connector that allows Defi products to stretch and enables the smart cities of the future.

It provides the potential to link Smart Contracts with physical assets and values such as cars and car-sharing fleets, AirBNB and accommodation platforms, or rentable office space. If we talk about security and safety while being present on the platform, it should be laid an emphasis on the fact that the company conducts its operations in accordance with the European Union Law related to the principles of accounting and reporting.

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