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Game dev explains why blockchain should be ‘invisible’ in P2E gaming: KBW 2022.

The acclaimed Seoul-based game developer and publisher Com2uS Studios is set to lead the Web3 revolution by developing a brand-new blockchain network that will spotlight games like never before. Since its inception in 1998, they have enjoyed a celebrated career in the country’s gaming ecosystem. They soon expanded their roots all around the world, setting up branches in the US, China, and Japan. The head office of the company, Kyu Lee spoke at a KBW-led event that saw a week-long celebration of the crypto boom in the country.

He hinted that crypto gaming is the absolute need of the hour and the linchpin of Web3’s future. It is with this vision in mind that Com2uS is in the process of building a blockchain that alters crypto gaming and caters exclusively to new-gen Web3-gamers. The game firm has plans to build an iteration of Web3 that will attract their domestic gaming base as well as international gamers.

A New-Gen Mode of Blockchain Gaming

The USP of this project is going to be that it will do away with any obstacles that crypto newbies might experience in gaming. The long hassle that lasts from setting up NFT-purposed accounts to finally buying it might deter those who might be willing to otherwise dabble in crypto gaming. They have envisaged a future with this project where crypto games will see players playing freely and also owning crypto tokens freely. They plan to do this by giving incentives to players to reach specific levels after which they would get digital money that can be exchanged into crypto tokens. This is radically dissimilar to the conventional Web3-specific games popular in the industry right now. The crypto tokens will also eventually find their way into the players’ wallets and be transformed into crypto assets.

The gaming company has said that the P2E gaming community thrives solely because these games carry the allure of making actual money for the time spent playing. This futuristic version of blockchain gaming which doesn’t require any entrance hassles with the setup is going to clinch its position as a revolutionary in the arena of blockchain gaming. According to them, if they play their cards right, this project should be even more popular than P2E’s statistics.

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