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GamerHash’s GamerCoin to Look Out for at the AIBC Summit 2022

AIBC Summit 2022 has taken up the task of connecting emerging tech markets all across Asia globally. The solutions to the products leading in the markets have been specially curated and were set to be presented in the AIBC Summit 2022.

GamerHash platform exhibited at the AIBC summit, which was scheduled to take place in Dubai between March 20 and March 23.

GamerHash Revolutionizing the Gaming Generation

GamerCoin is supporting over half a million gamers worldwide. GamerHash has now come up with a revolutionizing idea of a token named GamerCoin that can be earned in many different ways.

These can be earned either through cryptocurrency or by playing on the Gamerhash platform itself. Users having GHX tokens get the advantage of accessing special events. They can also avail themselves of special offers in the platform’s store. Members also get rewards and bonuses in the GamerHash ecosystem.

GamerCoins can be purchased through exchanges or from other users. The most profitable cryptocurrency to mine is automatically chosen by the GamerHash platform which brings high rewards to gamers.

GHX is added to daily income which has a monthly limit of 10,000 USD in GHX tokens in the first 30 months. GamerCoins can also be earned by sharing excess computing power when watching movies or browsing the internet.

The GamerHash platform can run in the background thereby letting gamers share their extra computing power. The GamerHash platform is built in such a way that gamers with less efficient computers too can complete tasks from Gamerhash’s partners and earn while playing games.

Since NFTs are taking the blockchain market by storm, GamerHash has now opened its NFT marketplace for the public. They have teamed up with Kwik Trust for creating the next generation NFT.

They are focusing on the multiple fields where NFT can be used and the impact it can have on the future to come.

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