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GemUni’s Decentralized NFTs Gaming Platform for Play to Earn Disrupts Crypto Gaming.

In recent news about NFT, it seems that GemUni has made headlines with its decentralized gaming platform. Apparently, the platform makes use of NFTs to reward its players and operates on a play-to-earn model. Such a model not only helps the platform sustain financially but also increases the engagement of the users with it.

Moves of Success

An NFT project is all about the journey that is planned by its developer. If the journey is practical and ambitious enough to make profits, only then are investors convinced. GemUni’s GENI pass NFTs were a huge success at the INO Grand inauguration back in December 2021. For its upcoming journey, GemUni has also managed to raise around 2 million dollars from its investors. Its GENI pass NFTs are already very popular in most NFT markets. In fact, quite a few notable names in the gaming industry, as well as the blockchain community, are acquiring them. This has also helped them boost their reputation in the market.

Effects on the Market

This unpredicted success of GemUni was a result of careful planning and meticulous execution. It has disrupted other NFTs and businesses that were looking forward to capturing the gaming market. Apart from that, GemUni is also planning to launch a token on 19th January 2022 that will start its price at 0.2$. This offering will be available at the following platforms – KrystalGO, Red Kite, and GameFi. These are some of the major platforms out there that were being eyed by many NFT projects. Surely, GemUni has made a significant impact on the industry.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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