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How you can get the best Interest Rate with the Invictus Yield Vault

Invictus Capital recently announced the launch of their Invictus Yield Vault. They are a crypto-asset management firm and have become market leaders owing to their experience and expertise. Invictus Capital specializes in blockchain technologies and even has an amazing track record over the past four years at $200AUM.

The company also offers a suite of other investment products that includes Crypto20. Also known as C20, Crypto20 is the first-ever crypto index fund using tokens. Invictus Capital also offered up Hyperion, which was the first even venture capital fund using tokens. Liquidity was available on the secondary market. This led to the company receiving 515% and 167% when it came to returns year over year.

Invictus Capital and the Yield Vault

Those who become qualifying lenders at the Yield Vault will now be able to lend Invictus Alpha. Invictus Alpha is the company’s trading division. It is equivalent to at least $50,000 in Bitcoin (BTC). This also applies to Ethereum (ETH), as well as other Stablecoins.

When lending through the Yield Vault, interest rates will remain fixed through the whole length of the loan. This will apply even if market conditions have changed over the years. This means that those who apply for a loan will be able to plan out their repayment schedule without having to worry about fluctuating interest rates. This also means that lenders incur zero investment risk when lending through the Invictus Yield Vault.

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