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Giant in the Video Game Retail Industry Gamestop is looking for a Senior Engineer to work on their Blockchain NFT Platform


Gamestop is an American consumer electronics, gaming, video game merchandise retailer. The company is actively searching for a non-fungible or NFT-experienced senior software engineer. The company’s goal is to build an NFT marketplace. The hired candidate will be a part of Gamestop’s Blockchain/NFT team.

More about the job posting

This is a remote position. The selected candidate will work with product managers, engineers, business partners, and designers across the United States. In this position, the candidate will design, create, and maintain core API components, scalable services, power features, and products that please countless Gamestop customers.

Who is Gamestop?

They are a famous video games outlet. A recent issue with Wallstreetbets pushed the company into the media limelight. Wall Street Hedge Funds attempted to short Gamestop’s shares. At the same time, Redditt users tried to change the trend using a “short squeeze”. As a result, companies like Gamestop experienced a noticeable rise in stocks.

In the last few days, Gamestop’s job posting was a much-debated topic on the cryptocurrency/Reddit forum. Gamestop’s requirements are the same as the Reddit posting. The ideal candidate will have sound knowledge and experience of cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, Ethereum Layer two products, NFTs, and the NFT marketplace.

Customers posted positive reviews about the company. For instance, one customer stated that it was the best job positing they’ve seen in some time. Another individual wrote that Gamestop’s requirements and expectations made sense. You don’t need a degree but must know the crypto niche very well.

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