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Globinance Project Was Present at the AIBC Summit Dubai 2022 Event

The newest Multi-currency account Globinance was spotted at AIBC Summit Dubai 2022. It provides you with various currency accounts with EUR, USD, SGD, HKD, and a crypto wallet with BTC, ETH, GBEX, USDG, and EUR.

The new feature GlobinanceDEX is also now live which will help you to swap, earn and unlock more crypto trading benefits of DEX built on XinFin. It is the first decentralized exchange on the XDC network.

The company is focused on the expansion of business and providing solutions to people who are into crypto trading. Quarter 1 of 2022 resulted in the launch of 6 new platforms in BVI, Switzerland, South Africa, Turkey, the USA, and Australia.

In addition to this, you can stake your tokens on the platform and enjoy the rewards. The interest you get from the bank is much lesser compared to the staking rewards you earn.

Staking cryptocurrency is the process of committing your crypto assets to a blockchain network in order to support it and confirm transactions, and it allows participants to earn rewards on their holdings. In this platform, you will be allowed to lock up your tokens in the Globinance, for which a bonus in GBEX is paid up to 15% APY.

Business account: GlobinancePay

The platform not only in currency but also provides you with multiservice financial solutions: IBANs, card processing & more. It leads you towards a financial revolution.

To open your account basic steps need to be followed. Starting from filling out a short form and just waiting for your pre-approval usually within 24hrs it is done.

Once, you have approval you are good to go with the documentation and onboarding fee. Now you can start receiving your payments and you can wait for the IBANs to be opened also the option is there to pay later.

This will provide services in Payment Gateway-Merchant accounts and Dedicated corporate accounts.

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