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Gold Sponsor Wwin Project Makes a Big Splash at the CED2021

As per the official revelations related to the Wwin Project, it is a blockchain project which is dedicated to bringing modernization to the Thai Amulet industry. In accordance with the information disclosed by the team behind the project, it is for the very first time in the world that someone has created Sacred NFTs (SNFTs).

Talking about SNFTs, they are collections of digital art that are blessed and passed through an ancient Buddhist ceremony by one of the most reputable monks of Thailand. The team behind the project comprises insiders and experts in the industry, experienced crypto economists, and veterans.

The key players behind the project are:

  • Edward DeLeon Hickman, a crypto economist and early investor in the largest cryptocurrency in the world in terms of market capitalization, Bitcoin.
  • Peter Corp Dyrendal, an actor based in Thai
  • Dr Katha Chinabunchorn, a multi-award winning member of the spiritual community of Thai

More About the Wwin SNFTs

It has been revealed that the first SNFT going to be launched by the Wwin project will be Poramesuan Garuda. Discussing further this NFT, it is a Sacred Red Garuda SNF created by Top Thai Traditional Artists and transformed into a 3D model and rendered precisely.

As for where you can purchase a Wwin token to have this coin with some traditional value in your wallet, you can buy it on PancakeSwap. In addition to this, it should be noted that the project is looking forward to transforming and modernizing the $1.25 billion per year Sacred Thai amulets industry through the creation of SNFTs.

Moreover, it should be laid emphasis on the fact that the project utilizes the latest blockchain technology and assures that it will be contributing to the transformation of hundreds of years of the old marketplace into one that is safe and secure.

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