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Google Pay has hired a PayPal executive to lead its crypto payments initiative

Google Pay has hired a PayPal executive to lead its crypto payments initiative

As more payment gateways start inclining towards crypto, Google is also heading in that direction. Google Pay has become one of the most successful and popular payment apps in many parts of the world. While the application is good in its own league, it lacks any support for cryptocurrency payments or even buying cryptocurrencies. Bill Ready from Google recently spoke about bringing a change in this with the addition of cryptocurrency support in GooglePay. Google’s immediate inspiration in this field is PayPal. The payment giant has delved into the crypto space for a long time now. It was one of the first payment apps to support deposits and withdrawals in crypto. While Cash App, BitPay, and many others have followed suit, PayPal continues to give the best of both worlds. Now Arnold Goldberg from PayPal will help GooglePay achieve the same.

According to Bill Ready, GooglePay will work to make the platform more crypto-friendly. While they intend to focus on Bitcoin in the initial stages, support for other cryptocurrencies will also happen in due time. GooglePay has also partnered with crypto exchange Gemini in 2021. In the future, Google has not entered the crypto space as much as some other tech giants have. However, that seems to be changing as Bitcoin adoption rates increase across the world. With their immense hold over the market, Google is set to have a huge impact on the global crypto space. The entire crypto community is now looking up to them and trying to assess their next move.



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