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Google Pay integration is coming to, Big Tech continues to embrace crypto.

0 has given Google Pay users another way to access cryptocurrency markets. It is incorporating Google Pay as a method to make payments. As a result, Android users can use Google Pay while purchasing cryptocurrencies. This integration will help Google Pay, estimated to be more than 100 million) to approach the cryptocurrency market easily. is a worldwide cryptocurrency wallet and trading platform. Thus, after the integration goes live in the last week of July 2022, about 50 million global users will have access to more than 250 cryptocurrencies. These are the users who have linked their debit or credit card with their Google Pay accounts.

The global crypto-wallet and exchange platform is being talked about a lot. This is because it has been successful in acquiring new licenses in various countries, with Italy being the most recent. They have also got a permit to legally operate in Dubai, Singapore, and Greece.

This move doesn’t come as a surprise because over the last two years, such platforms have been integrating major payment systems. Also, Google appointed Arnold Goldberg, an ex-PayPal employee, to lead their payment division in January 2022. This indicated Google Pay’s intention of exploring the crypto universe.

In June 2021, a partnership was formed with Coinbase. Therefore, people can use their Coinbase card to pay via Google Pay for the services and goods they buy. Then in October 2021, Google Pay formed an alliance with Bakkt. And in April 2022, Nexo (an all-in-one crypto platform) launched its crypto-backed Mastercard cards and declared they are integrating Google Pay.

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