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GPool makes pioneering advances in the crypto decentralized industry

Genesis Pool or GPool, as it is more popularly known, is a project that is slowly gaining popularity and pioneering the development of the cryptocurrency decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. The project has challenged many of the business practices of its peers and has redefined the services offered to retail investors through its decentralized launchpad.

The existing launchpads, which allow the retail investors to participate in initial DEX offerings (IDOs), have a few problems which constantly leave the investment community frustrated. Some of these include-

· Investment tiers that are complicated

· Small token allocations and lottery whitelisting

· Initial DEX offerings conducting pump and dump fraud schemes

Most of the launchpads only offer one percent of their projects’ tokens to retail investors. As a result, many of the investors never get whitelisted and it leads to inefficient allocations and large whale wallets that use the pump and dump fraud schemes. What GPool is doing is involving retail investors in their operations. GPool is working on securing a larger token allocation for the retail investors by working with the projects from an early stage. It will also aim to provide guaranteed token allocations to all of its whitelisted investors.

Following are some of the features that GPool is actively trying to incorporate in order to build a decentralized ecosystem that rewards and provides profit to its loyal investors.

· The Genesis staking pool: The multi-token staking pool will be funded with two percent of GPool tokens initially. Besides this, all the projects that launch their Initial DEX Offerings through GPool will allocate 0.2-2 percent of their tokens to the staking pool.

· The Genesis Pass: A Genesis Pass or a GPass will be issued to the most loyal investors on GPool. With this reward scheme, investors who stake and hold their GPool tokens will get better benefits.

· Token bridge: GPool will also build a bridge that offers complete interoperability. This will be built by working together with Glitch Finance, which is a blockchain-based operating system.

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