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Grayscale and Icapital have teamed up to give 6,700 financial advisors access to cryptocurrency investments.


Grayscale Investments and Icapital Network have partnered together to provide over 6,700 advisers from Icapital an opportunity to access Grayscale’s crypto investment products.

Seamless Access to Crypto Strategies

Icapital’s CEO Lawrence Calcano announced that cryptocurrencies are a hot topic, as many clients desire uncorrelated return potential in their crypto portfolios. Grayscale had commissioned a survey through InvestmentNews Research. They found that around 61% of advisers have been approached by clients- 79% out of those clients intent to increase recommendations of digital asset investment over the span of a year.

With more than $80 billion in client assets, Icapital already connected its clients to over 780 funds worldwide. Now over 6,700 advisers from Icapital’s network will have access to cryptocurrencies through Grayscale. These high-net-worth clients will largely benefit from Grayscale’s market-cap-weighted GDLC (Digital Large Cap Fund) investment strategy.

Grayscale Excited to Work with Icapital

Grayscale Investments is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency manager. As of September 9, the company manages over $43 billion worth of assets. Grayscale offers around 15 digital asset investment strategies, which include 6 investment products with SEC (The US Securities and Exchange Commission) reporting. Through its Digital Large Cap Fund, Grayscale has invested in digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano, Litecoin, Chainlink, Bitcoin Cash and many more.

The chief operating officer of Grayscale, Hugh Ross, commented that Grayscale is excited to collaborate with Icapital. Icapital will receive access to an industry-standard quality cryptocurrency investment strategy. The experience is differentiated by Grayscale’s transparency as an SEC reporting firm.

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