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Guardian Link and Toonz Media Group Launch the World’s First Integrated NFT Lab


GuardianLink had reportedly partnered with the global animation company Toonz Media Group to launch an NFT design lab, which will be the first of its kind in the world. This integrated NFT lab will make specialized custom-made non-fungible tokens for digital assets. TheToonz NFT Lab, as it will be known, will create NFTs and digitals assets that will represent creators, artists, athletes, collectors, and brands, among other things.

The Toonz NFT lab will provide specialized services that will include all the technological and creative aspects of NFT generation. This would include conceptualizing the character design, development, modeling, and asset designing. The lab will be using more than 1,000 designers and technologists from Asia and Europe for the purpose.

The co-founder and chairman of GuardianLink, Keyur Patel, recently gave an interview in which he explained how NFT would be the new medium for digital assets with economic underpinnings. As NFT gains wider acceptance, it becomes apparent that a decentralized economy can thrive in today’s environment. He added that the Toonz NFT labs would be the first such NFT lab that will allow any creator, athlete, or brand to monetize their uniqueness. The company plans to push for a wider acceptance of NFT and for this purpose, the Guardian platform is supporting both crypto and fiat payments globally.

The chief executive officer (CEO) of Toonz Media Group, P Jayakumar, also said that the NFT emergence would prove to be the biggest disruption in the art world. He believes that it will completely change the way in which people own, consume and perceive art.

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