Sunday, June 16, 2024

Hacker Boasts About $100,000 Rull-Pull of ‘Shitcoin’ Mango Inu.

A hacker Avraham Eisenberg who pulled off the $117 million exploit of Mango Markets, just over a week ago, is now boasting about making $100,000 million rug-pulling Mango Inu, a “shitcoin”. He says he did nothing wrong.

Eisenberg recently took responsibility, exposing himself as one of the persons behind the $117 million exploit of DeFi platform Mango Markets. He deployed a shitcoin named Mango Inu to exploit bots that gobble up newly launched tokens. Eisenberg said it involved tokens, adding liquidity and a rug after the bots buy the token. The hacker disclosed that he talked to someone who would deploy coins, add liquidity, and rug right after the bots were bought. He said it was a good low capacity last year when the bots bought anything that moved.

Eisenberg believes he is on the path of righteous as has not broken any laws. He highlighted that there was no promotion of the token. The hacker said Mango Inu is definitely not security, didn’t involve any marketing, and no promises were made – just open market liquidity transactions. The shitcoin managed to get over $250,000 invested or gambled within half an hour with zero promotion. Eisenberg believes that the fact it occurred meant that they are so far away from the bottom. He warned investors and traders not to buy the token because if they do, they will definitely lose all their money.

The so-called shitcoin is another example of a token that gained questionable market takeup. This is despite the coin or token not having any utility.

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