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In the midst of calls for cryptocurrency regulation, a hacker uses India’s Prime Minister’s Twitter account to promote a phoney Bitcoin giveaway.

The authorities in India are still struggling with ways to deal with the influence of digital currency. On the other side, there is a post on India’s Prime Minister Twitter account claiming the country’s adoption of Bitcoin. Reportedly, the Twitter account of Narendra Modi has got hacked. The tweet says that “The country has officially adopted Bitcoin in a legal tender and 500 Bitcoins are under country’s hold officially. These Bitcoins are for the residents of India.” The entire event of Narendra Modi’s account hacking took place on 11th December 2021, Saturday. On 12th December 2021, Sunday at 2:11 am, the hacker tweeted sharing information regarding Bitcoins.

What steps have authorities taken after hacking Narendra Modi’s Twitter account?

The citizens of India were told to stay away from this Bitcoin getaway scam. In the tweet, the hacker has put the link to a website to promote the purchase of Bitcoin. However, after the restoration of the account, that particular tweet and related information were removed by the concerned authority. The audience was able to see a post regarding the declaration of the entire episode.

Though earlier also such episodes of hacking of Narendra Modi’s Twitter account took place. For example, last year, in June, his account got hacked by professional hackers. As per the reports, an investigation is ongoing and soon, the hackers will be under custody. The reports say that an IT Ministry official has himself declared that they would ask Google and Twitter regarding the security provided by them.

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