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HAVAH unveils its brand site.


HAVAH is an entertainment platform related to NFTs. They finally revealed their brand site today. Through their site, they aim to provide users with a space where they can enjoy various experiences related to entertainment. There are games, as well as finances pertaining to social media. There are other services that are useful as well. HAVAH aims to turn themselves into an NFT community that is a premier playground as well as portal.

It’s possible to standardize as well as to use NFTs on HAVAH. This can be done without feeling restricted when it comes to the blockchain that was original. This was made into a reality with the help of transmission protocol related to interchain NFT. Through this platform, HAVAHs can unleash the true potential that their NFTs have, and fully experience what that is, on HAVAH.


One demand that is growing among users is that NFTs are no longer limited to being tied to their chain. The team at HAVAH is working tirelessly in order to ensure that they cab create a community for people who are passionate regarding NFTs. The project lead, Youngwang Lim, said that they are aiming to create a space that people can use to build connections among each other.

In addition to this, the first game to be released on a blockchain related to interchain NFT was Crypto Gears. This game is developed by 2bytes Corp. The idea is to turn play to earn games into play to get games. This means the focus will be on the playability of the game, and not just seeing it as a way to get money.

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