Sunday, December 10, 2023

Heineken launches world’s first virtual beer brewed in the metaverse

Heineken, a lager company, has launched the world’s first virtual beer called Heineken Silver in the metaverse. It is alcohol-free, gluten-free, and free of calories as well. And most of all, it’s yum!

Heineken Silver exists exclusively in a virtual brewery in the immersive platform – Decentraland. Heineken has made its mark with uncompromising quality and decades of brewing innovation. And it has carried the same into the virtual world.

The company has used the finest, 100% computer-generated ingredients. Heineken has replaced A-yeast with A-Pixels. It has brewed Heineken Silver with Binary Coded Hops grown by non-player character farmers. The virtual brewing process is being supervised by Virtual Brewing Assistants, digitized stand-ins for Star Brewers.

Bram Westenbrink, the global head of the Heineken brand, said the company acknowledges that the metaverse brings people together in a light-hearted and immersive way that is really exciting. Westenbrink highlighted that Heineken Silver is an ironic joke. It pokes fun at the company and at the brands that are jumping into the metaverse with products that are “best enjoyed” in the real world.

Heineken Silver is touted as a unique beer. Visitors to Heineken’s virtual brewery in Decentraland will be able to see it in the metaverse. At the virtual unveiling event, guests banqueted on pixelated lobster and caviar. They also got to meet Heineken brand ambassadors, including Thierry Henry.

Heineken pointed out that one cannot taste pixels and bytes. The company wanted to make a joke and remind everyone that nothing beats the taste of a refreshing beer.

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