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Here are five reasons why Theta could be a breakout sensation in 2022.

Several cryptocurrency projects in 2021 have faced volatility in the crypto market. Many tokens went on to achieve their all-time high but then came down sharply in the coming months as the noise around the project came down. The same issue was noticed with the decentralized broadcast platform Theta. Its users can earn rewards by offering their computer resources to maintain the network health. Launched on December 11, 2020, Theta rose by 2468% in 2021 to go from $0.621 to achieve $15.90 price point on April 16. It received the support of global companies like Sony Europe and Google that joined its validator program. Theta Labs received a second patent for decentralized blockchain data and video delivery designs.

Launching of NFT Marketplace

In 2022, Theta will launch a big marketplace project, ThetaDrop NFT. The plan for airdropping the governance tokens TDrop to Theta community members will be started from February 1. The marketplace ThetaDrop will not have any token sale. The plan is to distribute 20 billion tokens over four years to the community members who support liquidity mining of NFT or staking of THETA, TDRop and TFUEL on its network.

New Projects

Its blockchain has been used to launch many new projects like Voltswap decentralized finance platform and marketplace OpenTheta NFT. Asset bridging from Theta to other EVM (ethereum virtual machine) compatible networks are supported by the protocols like ThetaBridge and Meter Passport. It has plans to improve stacking access. Initially, users had to stake at least 10,000 THETA if they wanted to use guardian nodes and secure its network. This minimum requirement finally came down to 1000 but token holders could not meet this point because Theta price during early 2021 remained above $14.

Theta remains bullish and will continue to focus on blockchain-based gaming and video streaming. It will benefit from its partnership with Sony and Samsung-like companies.

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