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Here are three cryptocurrencies that could see a rise once Bitcoin reaches $35,000.

After a significant rally, Bitcoin and the broader market of cryptocurrency is taking a break. In the meantime, almost all altcoins are grossly oversold. Most of these are at lows that amount to 70%-90% under their highest values. There is fear in the markets, and fear almost everywhere else too. Worldwide, financial markets and anything to do with finance, are risky at best. Nonetheless, these are conditions that are conducive to the creation of opportunities for wealth accumulation. In this atmosphere, there are three altcoins that could be well-placed for a good run in case the wider markets enter an upward trend.

XLM can Lag, but it can Surprise You

XLM made its last bullish run as far back as 2018. When other altcoins rose, this one was down and out. The main thing that is advantageous for XLM is that not many other altcoins show clear dropping wedge patterns. The only direction that a falling wedge can go in is higher up. If the market becomes bullish, then XLM may race to higher heights.

Look Out for ADA

ADA (Cardano) is due for a bullish run soon. From the perspective of price-action, ADA is in a solid position. If Bitcoin takes the markets higher, ADA could rise like a phoenix.

MATIC Aims Higher

If you look at the weekly chart of MATIC, you will see certain similarities to ADA. This is a fundamentally strong altcoin as altcoins go. Any rise in the wider crypto markets will see a gradual rise in MATIC.

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