Friday, December 8, 2023

Here’s the crypto commercial scoreboard for Super Bowl 2022.

In the United States of America, Super Bowl is serious business. It’s the epitome of entertainment and sport in the country. Renowned artists perform in the finals during half-time and brands yearn to have a small logo of theirs to appear on the screen during this magnificent event. Thus, if an advertisement appears during Super Bowl, it has to be taken seriously. So, where does crypto come in here?

A Reply to the Disbelievers

Many people have dismissed crypto as a bubble or a fad that will soon fade away into non-existence. However, this claim is weakening as crypto has slowly crept into the mainstream. With celebrities and business moguls tweeting about crypto, DeFi, and NFTs, it seems that crypto is now a part of mainstream finance. When major crypto businesses such as eTORO, FTX, Coinbase,, etc. had their ads debut during Super Bowl 2022, a message was passed across to the whole globe. This message was that it’s time to take crypto seriously.


To understand the rising popularity of crypto, we can just take a look at all the data. Coinbase, a crypto app often takes over the number 1 spot on the Apple Store as the most downloaded app. It’s clear that common people are beginning to realize that crypto is a feasible way to achieve financial independence. Moreover, for techies, it’s even easier to understand than your traditional finance. And there are no middle-men who will be hogging up a cut of the profits that you make.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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