Friday, December 1, 2023

Heroes of Arcan wants to offer players the ultimate P2E gaming experience

With the play-to-earn revolution bringing about a global change in blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, Heroes of Arcan wants to give an ultimate gaming experience. It is working towards creating a P2E game that offers players engaging, challenging peer-to-peer strategic gameplay.

Heroes of Arcan is a new WAX-based epic fantasy strategy game. It promises to create a new P2E paradigm that allows players to compete with one another for resources and territory within a vivid heroic fantasy universe. Moreover, Heroes of Arcan is working to create a robust, player-driven economy backed by deep fantasy lore. It will offer players strategic resource and territory control gameplay with extensive community features. The platform directs players into a living, dynamic heroic fantasy world in which they are able to collaborate and compete with each other.

The gameplay focuses on territorial expansion and conflict between three primary factions, the militaristic conquerors, the religious and politically-adept preachers, and lastly the magic-focused wiser. The factions originate from a different continent within the lore of heroes (Arcan). Players get various advantages, and social features allow them to communicate with each other and work together to achieve their goals.

Heroes of Arcane, at launch, will provide players the ability to collect resources, create tools and compete for 10,000 individual lands NFTs, which provide additional resource bounces. Furthermore, players can collect Heroes, which offer passive bounces. The players get three active Hero slots that can be used immediately. It unlocks additional gameplay elements within Heroes of Arcan – such as random chest-dropped loot, exploration, and quest features.

The platform integrates a horizontal gameplay system that allows new players to play in parallel to existing players. They don’t get disadvantaged by unfair game mechanics.

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