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Hokan A Safe Platform To Store Your Digital Assets, Attends Quantum Miami 2023.


Hokan is a software development firm that creates digital asset custody solutions for banks, asset managers, exchanges, family offices, insurers, and RIAs. The Hokan Platform is based on a Secure Multi Computation solution that employs Threshold Signature Schemes and offers a crypto custody solution. The system uses a threshold-based method to increase crypto asset security and facilitate key and responsibility sharing. Hokan allows businesses to become custody providers with a turnkey, white-label solution that supports various cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens.

Hokan attended the Quantum Miami 2023 summit with its other counterparts and distinguished itself by its services. 

Top Services offered by Hokon

NFT and Multi-Currency

Hokan’s platform is compatible with a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, token types (fungible and non-fungible), and blockchains, thanks to its off-chain key management system.

Hardware-based Security

Hokan’s technology is designed to work with hardware roots of trust that secure data at every endpoint.

Shared Key and Responsibility

Hokan’s solution ensures security and accountability through a decentralized key infrastructure and an N of M authorization model.

Secure by Design

Without a single private key existing at any time during the wallet creation process and without a single honeypot on their servers with all the keys, Hokan’s technology is inherently secure.

White-Label Platform

Hokan’s white-label solution makes it simple for businesses to become custody providers, offering clients a “best in class” service readily integrated into their current workflows.

Integrated KYC and AML Functionalities

Compliance with customer due diligence and anti-money laundering standards is simplified with Hokan’s built-in KYC, KYA, and KYT features.

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