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Hong Kong artists jump onto the NFT bandwagon as it becomes popular with buyers


Hong Kong-based artists Valentina Loffredo and Szabotage are leveraging NFTs, which is allowing them to reach out to new audiences. It’s also motivating them to push themselves as artists and grow rapidly through the use of blockchain tech.

Szabotage, whose real name is Gustav Szabo, had almost zero experience when it came to crypto and blockchain. While he was aware of the crypto trends, he couldn’t invest as he didn’t have the money required for investing. However, things took a turn for the better in 2020, when Szabo and his wife Hanna visited an individual who has collected Szabo’s works for a long time. The collector recommended the couple delve deeper into NFTs, and that’s where it all began for the artist. According to Szabo and his wife, NFTs offer artists opportunities that weren’t there before.

The story is quite similar for photographer and artist Valentina Loffredo as well. Loffredo, an Italian who has been operating out of Hong Kong for more than a decade, was first introduced to NFTs on a social media app known as Clubhouse. While she had difficulties in terms of understanding how NFTs work initially, she became a member across multiple chat rooms, where she gained valuable awareness and knowledge regarding NFTs. Gradually, Loffredo started learning about the positives of NFTs and how digital artists could become a part of a brand new global market. According to Loffredo, the popularity of NFTs has motivated her to create more digital art. With the popularity of NFTs growing more and more, expect these artists and more to expand their reach in the days to come.

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