Wednesday, June 12, 2024

How a businessman from India’s Bengaluru lost 3.5 crore after trying to invest in crypto

A 37-year-old Indian businessman from Bengaluru lost Rs. 3.5 crore after trying to buy the largest cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin, from a dubious dealer. Gowtham PK, a resident of JP Nagar, said that he paid Krunal Anoor Chandrana to become a cryptocurrency dealer.

A friend named Ramesh TV introduced him to Chandarana. He said that it was Ramesh’s riches from the cryptocurrency trades that attracted him to the field. He was amazed by the returns offered by cryptocurrencies. So, he decided that he wanted to invest in it and asked Ramesh for some tips. His friend told him that he takes the help of Chandarana as he doesn’t know a lot about cryptocurrency trading. He introduced him to Chandarana and spoke highly of him.

After this, Gowtham made multiple bank transfers to pay Chandarana Rs. 3.5 crore. But, he didn’t receive any cryptocurrency holding and his money was never returned to him. After that, Chandarana avoided Gowtham and Ramesh and is currently on the run. A complaint has been filed by Gowtham with the South CEN Crime police. Gowtham is now looking for some action against Chandarana. The police officials have opened the case under the Information technology Act and IPC section 420 (cheating) based on Gowtham’s complaint. They are looking for Chandrana now.

Gowtham was hoping to invest Rs. 3.5 crore in cryptocurrency and took the help of a cybercriminal who promised that he will assist him to invest in the cryptocurrency enterprise. Now, he doesn’t have his money or any cryptocurrency holdings.


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