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How are NFT’s democratizing the music industry?

The use of blockchain in the music industry has been changing the game in how creators and their fandoms interact with one another. Many high-profile artists are supporting cryptocurrencies and even releasing their own NFTs. The likes of this include Snoop Dogg, 3LAU, Shawn Mendes, and Kings of Leon. The launch of the first-ever platform that dealt exclusively with audio-centric NFTs called Catalog which focuses on promoting indie artists is also a noteworthy milestone.

The allure of NFTs in music is seen in many ways like doing away with overbearing middle persons, transparent operations, simplification of copyrights, guaranteed royalties, and instant transactions. Following suit, the latest crypto venture in music is going to uplift artists by ensuring they have a long-standing income via royalties. Started by the Dutch DJ whose real name is Fadil El Ghoul, they will be calculated based on how many streams their songs are actively amassing. This is being hailed as the future of music where a democratic atmosphere will liberate artists from the clutches of money-milking companies.

The project also focuses on bringing back control to the fandom and making them the protagonists in the artists’ careers. It also gives more people other than big companies the opportunity to claim that they own a portion of the song this way. Indeed, the crypto market in music-based fandoms has been showing increasing passion in recent times. The young adult population in particular is loving the NFT takeover and reciprocating their love by supporting the musicians who release them. The sector as a whole is hurtling towards a future where crypto and NFT users have become the norm.

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