Thursday, May 23, 2024

How Botswana Bitcoin Lady is taking blockchain and crypto education to the next level

As Bitcoin dropped under $30,000 a few days ago, a lot of long-time traders of crypto were stressing a lot over when they should take profit. However, there are several new traders in developing countries that are seizing this moment for breaking into the cryptocurrency market. Africa is home to the fastest-growing and youngest population in the world. There are several people there who don’t know about formalized financial services or have access to them. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are improving their lives every day.

Alakani Itireleng from Botswana, Africa is known as ‘BitcoinLady’ in her community. She has been teaching people how they can make money using alt coins and bitcoin. She is also teaching them how to create blockchain applications at a hub that she started in her home, Satoshicentre. Supported by donations and self-funding, the center has a small team that plans on creating an incubator. At this incubator, the startups will be able to connect with sponsors and mentors.

Itireleng always felt that there was something unique about bitcoin which was different from the normal money. She calls bitcoin the currency of love. She started her journey in the cryptocurrency market in 2021 when she was still teaching and her son got sick and needed treatment. She started learning bitcoin in order to generate enough funds so that she could take him to a hospital. Unfortunately, her son passed away along with her love and passion for crypto, but only for a moment. In 2013, she thought about how crypto education could launch an ecosystem that empowers her friends. And now, she is teaching people skills depending on their diverse requirements.


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