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How can legitimate NFT projects evolve to offer more to the users?

Non-fungible Tokens or NFTs have become a part of the mainstream crypto discussion in the recent years. They are being featured in major advertisements and are being endorsed by many celebrities too. All of this has allowed cryptos to garner more hype. However, many people have questions about the utility of NFTs for an average user. Once the hype around NFTs dies down, only the legitimate NFT projects would be left standing. To weather the coming storm, it is important for NFT projects to evolve to offer more to the users. Let’s take a look at how they can do that.

Create Real Value for the Gamers

NFTs in the gaming universe has faced backlash from many gamers. Many developers end up integrating NFTs without considering whether they create any form of value in the game’s universe. Just selling NFTs in the game will naturally appear as a cash-grabbing mechanism. NFTs will be able to penetrate the arena of mainstream gaming only if developers provide value to the users. The NFTs should have some meaning in the game’s ecosystem. Non-static NFTs can come with features like a weapon that upgrades after every use, and an RPG character that grows strong after every adventure. This will provide the players with renewable value that is tangible within the game.

Beyond Gaming Space

NFTs have been popularized by the games like CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity, however, they have the potential to be widely adopted beyond the gaming space too. The key lies in offering accessibility and convenience to the users. An NFT-based rewards program is a great way to provide value to other users. For instance, with each purchase a user makes in a supermarket, their NFT would get upgraded. Another method is by offering redeemable NFT passes for various subscription-based services.

Wrapping up. If the wave of interest in NFTs is utilized correctly, NFTs can be widely adopted by a larger proportion of the population.

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