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How do I launch a crypto career? A starter’s manual for 2022.

Cryptocurrency related industry is growing at a faster speed than no other industries are growing. Primarily because of blockchain technology and its decentralized nature. According to some reports, this industry grew around 110% between 2020-2021. It can be a good career option for those wanted to work in the technological sector.

Let’s see what you should do to start your career in crypto.

  • First, you should acquaint yourself with the existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Cardano and Ethereum, etc., and also try to familiarize yourself with their origin and structure.
  • Second, you should master the art of cryptography because cryptography is something upon which the entire cryptocurrency is based. Cryptography means whenever you encode some information, only the intended client can read it.
  • Third, you should make sure that you come from a STEM background. This will make sure that you will fit into this industry or not. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that there are no career options for those who do not have a STEM background. Those with the writing skills can work as cryptocurrency-related content writers and others can go into the marketing and leadership arena.
  • Fourth, try to build your network and connect with professionals and experts in the crypto-related industry on various sites like LinkedIn and also be open to learning from them. Last but not least don’t forget to build your resume. Now you are all set to start your career in crypto.
Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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