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How is RematicEGC bringing blockchain technology to commercial and public sector.

Blockchain technology has spread like wildfire. It is decentralized, transparent and fast – fulfilling all the requirements of the latest generation of tech-wizard kids.

Within the blockchain ecosystem, many different technologies are coming up – catering to different needs. One such name is the RemanticEGC. This token by a Virginia-based company is focused on advancing blockchain technology to the public and commercial space. Remantic Tokens LLC aims to do so through crypto agnostic applications – taking the best of the crypto technologies out there. Additional to this, the team is working on a secular voting platform. This platform will be anonymous and presented in a SaS model.


Not just the external system, the RemanticEGC token itself holds a lot of value. It has the feature of “reflections”. Reflections are dividends that are accumulated through a system of buying and selling. Remantic tokens take pride in being transparent throughout the process. They also hope to unveil the profit-sharing program to the masses.

Social Aspect

This project also adds a social aspect to the entire system. There are two funds formed in connection with the project. One is for the military and the other caters to research on cancer. These funds are technically wallets, holding roughly 1 trillion $RMTX.

So, the overall system is quite attractive. It is simple for the user and very reliable. It also aids in the noble causes and helping humanity. All this while, it is a way to carry forward the business of investing and growing. RMTX indeed holds a great space in bringing the entire ecosystem of cryptocurrency, product development open to commercial and public space.

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