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How Right or Wrong Was Vitalik Buterin Over the Last Decade?

Young Vitalik Buterin, co-founder and developer of Ethereum, confessed that he didn’t think much of Bitcoin when it was first introduced. After dismissing it as an endeavor without prospects, he changed his mind after five years, in 2016. He admits to being curious about the Bitcoin system and its workings.

Once he was convinced of its legitimacy, he wanted to get involved with Bitcoin so that he could play his part in adjusting the balance of power. He wanted to level the playing field in favor of the little guy against the big guy.

On January 2, 2022, he used Twitter to talk about his predictions and expectations with regard to the cryptocurrency market. He did say that he was bullish about BTC and expected it not to do very well. He was of the opinion that the adoption of cryptocurrency could safeguard people’s purchasing power in countries like China, Argentina, Iran and others in Africa. What impresses market watchers is that Buterin is open about accepting his mistakes when he is wrong. While some of his predictions were wrong, some turned out as expected.

Buterin also admits that he completely missed the whole topic of NFTs in the Ethereum whitepaper. He was happy to have predicted the Decentralized Finance aspect correctly. As an active member in the cryptocurrency arena, his opinions are listened to closely by market watchers. Vitalik Buterin, possibly the world’s youngest billionaire, is well known for his generous donations to good causes and relief funds around the world.

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