Sunday, December 3, 2023

How Subcultures Drive the Explosive NFT Market: Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, and PLAYSK8.

Gaming is a crucial part of the NFT industry and PLAYSK8 is quite well-known here. What is the core ethos? Live on the fringe. Many gaming companies in the NFT sector are working hard to stay authentic and offer new features. It is a fact that popular concepts have lost their core values as they got lost in the NFT machine.

SK8 is a company which wants to capture the essence of skateboarding and offer it in the metaverse. It is getting its inspiration from BAYC and similar projects which have transitioned to the mainstream. Most of the currently popular games were part of the fringe subculture not too long ago. PLAYSK8 is looking at ways to use NFT to promote skating while keeping its authenticity, especially in the metaverse.


PLAYSK8 is a game based on NFTs where interested players can compete. The skating NFT collection is garnering a lot of interest because of its partnership with OpenSea, an NFT behemoth. Skating legends like Nyjah Huston are part of this partnership. While NFTs were being designed, the company also partnered with graffiti legends from Venice Beach in California. This move adds a lot of aesthetic features which are an integral part of skating. Every PFP has three tricks, and the entire collection has a large design assets ever included in an NFT. This means that 10,000 NFTs contain 300,000 tricks and animated variations.

Outside of the game, PLAYSK8 is trying up with professional skaters to ensure that it is as real in the metaverse as it is IRL. Many community members have seen their dreams come true in competitions set up against real skaters like Nyjah. In the first phase, 3000 PLAYSK8 NFTs will be minted and revealed.

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