Saturday, December 9, 2023

How the fashion business could be transformed by the metaverse.

The rendezvous between the fashion world and Metaverse is opening up previously unexplored avenues of Web3 innovation. Everything from designing of clothes to fashion shows and shopping has made the transition to the digital world. Metaverse has completely changed the way we approach fashion, its materials and products in both real and virtual life. It is teeming with potential that is impacting our physical world with many positive effects on creators and consumers alike.

Metaverse offers a great deal of creative liberty and flexibility which becomes the USP for its users and a privilege for fashion designers. Studies are even observing that virtual fashion is eliminating a lot of fashion-produced waste when physical fabric used in the manufacturing process for visualization is swapped with virtual ones. This has become a welcome step in an eco-friendly direction. Web3 elements have also dynamically altered the way ideation and conception are done for clothes, and used for samples or models. Overall, the environmental impact is reduced to a great extent by doing away with physical materials.

What more, virtual fashion tools are becoming a powerhouse for digital marketing employed by the fashion industry. Consumers are reporting they prefer trying on clothes virtually via 3D or AR technology-based avatars before buying the clothes physically or virtually. This is evolving to attract users towards Metaverse solely for the purpose of experimenting with or owning luxury clothes they would never buy in real life. Since these garments come as digital collectibles or NFTs, this also gives the users the power of permanent ownership through the blockchain. It also helps fashion companies create an international presence and consumer base without ever setting up tangible roots anywhere.

The technologically-savvy Generation Z has become the target audience for these growing opportunities. They are the key segment who favor fast fashion trends and a desire to constantly experience fashion virtually. Not even the sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities for fashion in Web3. Outfits that switch colors, develop flight or shimmer with an in-built halo are all impossible in real world but belong in Metaverse. World-renowned fashion houses like Prada and Balenciaga are announcing their arrival in the crypto field with NFTs and crypto gaming collaborations. We are indeed on the precipice of major breakthroughs in the boulevard of fashion and Web3.

Cryptured Team
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