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How the use of blockchain technology may help the environment.


In June of this year, the United Nations had held their Stockholm+50. This was an event that was focused on the implementation of the Decade Of Action in order to deliver in goals that aided in sustainable development. The oceans across the world are large reservoirs of carbon. The ocean absorbs around 25% of the annual emissions of CO2, as well as 80% of wildlife.

There are several ways that blockchain technology could help. The first of these is in supply chains. Technology based on blockchain can be used to improve how fish are traced. This can in turn help prevent illegal as well as unsustainable practices in fishing. Take for example Fishcoin, which is a blockchain based on tracing seafood. This helps to create a seafood industry that is more transparent as well as accountable.

Blockchain Technology And Saving The Environment

DeFi could also aid in the reduction of plastic use. This is through a credits framework for plastic removal that is tokenized. The goal is to leverage the capabilities of DeFi in order to develop a removal system for plastic. This would reduce the use of plastic as well as boost recycling.

Captura is currently aiming to make use of Sar powered plants that extract C02 from the oceans, which is necessary to control global warming. The Toucan Protocol is so trying to develop the infrastructure for a carbon market in order to finance climate solutions that are world class.

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