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How to Become a ‘SAMURAI’ in the Crypto World.

A few years back, there were only a few cryptocurrencies, but now thousands of them can be found. Bitcoin had a 95% share of the cryptocurrency market capitalization. A boom in the initial coin offering in early 2018 led to the launching of many cryptocurrencies. Many of them closed over time, but a few have continued to attract investments. Today the share of bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market is only about 40%.

Understanding DACS

New entrants are making their presence felt in the market. Some of them are not transitory and catch the fancy of investors. There were more than 15,765 cryptocurrencies by the last count. However, most of them are not trading in the market. To solve some of the problems faced by cryptocurrency investors, CoinDesk launched the Digital Asset Classification Standard that will provide data of 500 top cryptocurrencies by their market capitalization. The idea behind it is to provide investors with a benchmark that lets them calculate the position of a coin in the cryptocurrency market. They can also check a coin’s peers and competitors with this data.

How to Manage Your Crypto Portfolio Better?

You must find the perfect benchmark for your crypto portfolio. The index should specify in advance how it evaluates cryptocurrencies. It should be appropriate for your investment and meet your financial goals. You should receive tools to measure your portfolio’s performance. The index should be clear about what it can deliver. It should be accountable and reliable. You cannot use an equity index with large capitalization. The DeFi index or DFX of CoinDesk is the right index for this observation. It covers both Yearn Finance and Uniswap. It has given 8.87% return in the third quarter.

Crypto investors must use an appropriate benchmark. Using an index like DFX is necessary to evaluate the performance of the fund correctly.

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