Monday, December 4, 2023

How to build the next major social DApp from the perspective of blockchain engineers.

DApps or decentralized apps are found on smartphones, tablets and laptops. The presence of an additional feature enables the employment of blockchain technology. This is important because user data is safeguarded. DApps are intended for use with social applications and no social app is decentralized. Here is a look at why blockchain engineers are working on this, using Steem and Ethereum to make the case.

Ethereum has the most developers compared to any general blockchain. In spite of such large numbers, not one of these developers has been able to build a social app that has been adopted by the mainstream. Not too long ago, Steem was the most used blockchain in the world. Steem also had the distinction of being the most DApp in the world as well. At one time, its market cap touched a high of $2 billion. Steem grew very quickly and got a lot of regular users but not enough developers adoption. Ethereum had that distinction of having making developers, but Steem never lived up to all that available potential.

While Steem was being developed, Ethereum was the only feasible blockchain that developers could use to build a DApp without altering the basic structure. Ethereum’s technology made it easy to add on code and use existing work instead of working from scratch. This ability was called a smart contract, where developers could piggyback on work done by Ethereum. The current thought process of developers is to try and build fee-less blockchain apps so that it is affordable. Combining the code developed by Steem with a flexible blockchain with smart contracts, developers could access the best of both technologies to create applications that are free to use. Add a few new features when needed.

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